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This exhibition shows over 65 paintings drawn from public and private collections from throughout New Zealand /Aotearoa – most of which have never been exhibited in Central Otago before. These span Elizabeth’s exceptional 40 years of ‘sorting out distilling, eliminating; the struggle to make partial order out of chaos’.


In the 50 plus years that I’ve lived there, the austere, ‘stripped-down’ landscape of Central Otago has been a tremendous influence on my work and on me as a person. I feel I’m embedded in this landscape; its form and colour permeate my world. Browns and greys are the colours of my world – green is the foreigner.

Central Stories wishes to acknowledge the generous assistance of Elizabeth’s extended family, many private collectors and the following public galleries who loaned items for this exhibition: Dunedin Public Art Gallery; Eastern Southland Gallery; Hocken Collections - Uare Taoka o Hākena; Invercargill Public Art Gallery.

If you have an Elizabeth Stevens painting Central Stories would like to hear from you. We are trying to build our knowledge base about as many of Elizabeth’s artworks as possible.

11 February – 29 April 2018
Exhibition open every day 10am – 4pm
Free entry
Phone: 03 448 6230
Email: enquiries@centralstories.com 
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Previous Exhibitions

Arts Gold image

A selection of ten notable artists from the Central Otago featuring new works and new directions. Also profiling Three Miners Vineyard and Wynyard Estate Saffron.


These people have been wrangled from the corners of Central Otago in a celebration of their outstanding creativity. In this exhibition several of the artists have experimented with new bodies of work. This is the first time many of these works have been seen here.

The Central Otago environment is bold, imposing and very distinctive. Little wonder it has an impact on our artists as well as the teams who create wines and produce food from this often harsh landscape. This exhibition profiles the people behind what we see, drink and eat and we ask the question how does the landscape and environment influence their art and making.

Lynley Brownridge                                Sheena Lassen
Gail De Jong                                            Marie Simberg-Hoglund
Neil Driver                                               Kahori Uchida
Ola Hoglund                                            Nigel Wilson
Megan Huffadine                                   Three Miners Vineyard
Odelle Morshuis                                    Wynyard Estate Saffron

2 December – 28 January 2018 
Exhibition open every day 10am – 4pm (except Xmas Day)
Free entry
Phone: 03 448 6230
Email: enquiries@centralstories.com 
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Exhibition generously supported by:


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Arts Gold image

An outstanding exhibition of the finalists and winners of a national visual arts competition.


10am – 4pm daily. Free Admission. All works are for sale.


Click here to see all works in the exhibition .




Wanaka 8

The Bodyscapes Exhibition by Cory Vance.

July 15th - September 6th 2017, 10am - 4pm Daily.


This exhibition of fine art photographs carries on that very long tradition of metaphor and analogy between land/earth/body/figure.

Cory Varcoe presents us with forms and shapes which speak of landscapes, topography and contours of the earth. Soft light reveals and shadows conceal the landscape of bodies and the human figure while alluding to contours of landforms.

The acute angled light emphasises texture and surface and suggest life and the potential of touch and feeling. Cory invites us to think of land as a live person or to think of how it might respond to touch ………. to think about special places or hidden mysterious places.

These fine art photographs have been printed on archival paper as unique one-off artworks. All the works are for sale and ask at Reception about time payments.








Cory Varcoe image

Varcoe image

Varcoe raw beauty image



Woolon On Show

The winning garments from the 2017 WoolOn Creative Fashion Event are on show in the Henderson Gallery until 4pm on Sunday 9 July.


Ask at reception of you are interested in purchasing these or commissioning similar garments.

Woolon Display image

Display Woolon art image








If you have children with you do try creating your own the Fashion Doll in the Foyer – but be careful of those hot glue guns.

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Child making doll image

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A Muster Of Artists

A selection of the notable artists from the Central Otago region across a range of disciplines and media – all works are for sale.


Given the small population base (around 19,000 people) this is a significant celebration of the arts in Central Otago. It features three nationally recognised poets, one of the country's senior jewellers, a nationally recognised weaver, two internationally recognised glass artists, a photographer and 6 of the regions notable painters – all residents and practicing in this region.



Kobi Bosshard                                               Maurice Middleditch
Patricia Bosshard Browne                          Odelle Morshuis
Gail De Jong                                                    Eric Schusser
Neil Driver                                                      Marie Simberg-Hoglund
Michael Harlow                                             Jillian Sullivan
Ola Hoglund                                                   Brian Turner
Sheena Lassen                                               Nigel Wilson

4 October – 22 January 2017 
Exhibition open everyday 10am – 4pm (except Xmas Day). Free entry
Phone: 03 448 6230
Email: enquiries@centralstories.com 


Wanaka 8

An impressive exhibition featuring eight notable Wanaka artists each with their own distinctive style.

The diversity of the artists' personalities and their approach, media and execution of their works makes this a show not to be missed. It consists of fifty quality works all for sale.

Maurice Watson, General Manager at Central Stories chose the eight artists believing they each have a position of note to warrant inclusion in this exhibition. He then selected each of the works for their quality, consistency and value for viewers, buyers and other artists.

In putting this show together he wanted to bring Wanaka artists to a new audience while also bringing attention to the artists involved.

Click below if you would like to be sent a pdf of the works in the show. download image

Open daily 10am to 4pm.


In association with

Waste Busters

SoReal - Sean Boyd  Scifi Artist

SoReal is a celebration of one artist’s imagination. Ray guns, steampunk lamps, ‘Mars Explorer’ & more cool stuff. They are fantasy, made real, but not.

This exhibition is a celebration of Sean Boyd’s imagination and creativity. An artist takes a blank piece of canvas and can make us believe it is a landscape or a tree or a person’s face. Sean Boyd looks at something very mundane—a teapot, a corkscrew or an old electric drill and he sees fantastical potential. Through his imagination and creativity he can transport us back to childhood delight, fantasy and wonderment.

“I want the kids and parents to walk away believing in new possibilities for art and rubbish. I hope adults to leave this exhibition beaming, having felt the delighted and intrigued child within. My challenge is to hide recognizable objects in plain sight so it becomes a challenge for the onlooker to identify them individually.”

Sean Boyd August 2016

Check out images of Sean’s creations on the


Many of these are for sale

Exhibition open everyday 10am – 4pm. Free entry
7 September – 19 October 2016
Phone: 03 448 6230
Email: enquiries@centralstories.com

Who is the person behind these fantastical creations?

SoReal - Sean Boyd  Scifi Artist

An interview with Sean Boyd

How did you get to this point?

“I always took things apart to see how they worked and often made new toys from old ones, like turning old electronic toys into burglar alarms to protect my room from my sister!”

How has that inner ‘artist’ emerged?

“In early 2012 I was feeling creative, but can't paint or draw. I went into my garage and looked at an old electric drill and decided it looked like a ray gun so I made the 'Alien Ray Gun'. It looked really interesting so I put it on TradeMe and the response was amazing, so I went on to make more and use the Queenstown market for international exposure.

I moved full time into junk art in January this year.

I never draw or sketch any plan. I also never go hunting for parts. I use what I have on hand at the time (I do have a lot on hand though!). Everything follows a natural flow of creation that unfolds as I go."

SoReal - Sean Boyd Lamp

What is the starting point for each piece?

“As soon as I look at the first piece of junk and decide what it's alter ego is, I know what the finished item will be i.e. a Disney style ray gun or a Steampunk time machine lamp. All progress flows towards that goal.”

Every new piece I make starts as one object that I've looked at from a different angle and viewpoint. I then find other pieces to compliment the first piece’s attributes in its new role. I concentrate on hiding how most things are joined together. Hiding screws etc gives a genuine manufactured look. I also make sure the item is balanced visually and correctly weighted in the hand.”

So you are really playing with the viewers mind and emotions.

“Yes, each piece is made to look and feel authentic and real to the point of challenging common sense as it tries to cast doubt.“

SoReal - Sean Boyd Raygun

You have said you think you can tune into your nine-year-old inner self – what is that person like?

“That person gets excited driving into the tip knowing there might be something extraordinary waiting for me, like a chrome 1960's milkshake maker or other kitchen appliances. I can't wait to get back home with my new finds and marry them up with other bits I know I already have. I rush into everything like an excited nine year old. When I see people smiling when they see my work, they have the smile of a nine year old.”

Sean Boyd August 2016

Exhibition open everyday 10am – 4pm. Free entry
7 September – 19 October 2016
Phone: 03 448 6230
Email: enquiries@centralstories.com