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The Central Stories William Bodkin Memorial Museum showcases the unique stories of Central Otago. These stories include; Geology; early explorers; social history; gold, dredging & mining; farming, orcharding and viticulture; and many more besides.

The William Bodkin Memorial Museum also houses Treasure, our beautiful Otago Skink. Otago Skinks are critically threatened in New Zealand, with only about 1400 remaining in the wild. Treasure loves little treats, so if you find a tasty looking insect why not bring it in and you may be able to watch her go hunting.

As the guardians of Central Otago's rich heritage, our philosophy is to care for the cultural well-being of our community and provide the best experience we can – for locals and visitors alike. Entry to the William Bodkin Memorial Museum Gallery is by donation and we appreciate your support.

Alternative ways to support the museum include becoming a Museum & Art Gallery member; assisting in different areas as a volunteer; sponsoring an event, exhibition or activity.

Sir William Bodkin

Sir William Bodkin Sir William Bodkin was passionate about local history and established a historical society in the late 1950's which would evolve and develop into today's Central Stories complex. Sir William Bodkin was a born and bred Central Otago man. He left the area briefly to attend the University of Otago and returned as a barrister. Sir William Bodkin was heavily involved in local politics and served as the Otago MP for a number of years. He was knighted for his services to the community in 1954.