Russell Henderson Gallery and Gillian Grant Room

Russell Henderson gallery and Gillian Grant Room

Russell Henderson Gallery Central Stories is home to Central Otago's only public art gallery, The Russell Henderson Gallery and Gillian Grant Room. Open daily from 10am – 4pm it showcases artist's work, tour exhibitions and in-house events. This large space has recently been extended and how has a total of 43.5 running metres of wall hanging space. It has two areas for displays , the Russell Henderson Gallery with a ceiling height of 3.5 metres and the Gillian grant Room, a more intimate space, with a height of 2.8 metres.

If you are an artist, group or company thinking of staging an event in our gallery you can find all the details you need here and you will find the application form here.

Russell & Barbara Henderson

The Russell Henderson Gallery is named after Russell Henderson who was a prominent local businessman. Russell and his wife Barbara set up the Russell Henderson Family Trust in 1975 and have been great financial supporters of numerous organizations, particularly the Alexandra Rowing Club and the Salvation Army. Russell and Barbara were both keenly appreciative of the Arts. The Russell Henderson Arts Trust donated a significant amount of money to establish the gallery at Central Stories and it is aptly named after him. The Russell Henderson Arts Trust also sponsors an ongoing Residency Fellowships at Henderson House in Bridge Hill, Alexandra.

Gillan Grant

Gillian Grant Gillian Grant’s roots are firmly planted in Central Otago’s past with both sets of grandparents amongst some of the earliest settlers in Alexandra. During her time as a primary school teacher at Terrace School, she developed a teaching kit on ‘How to use your Museum as a Resource’. This led the Alexandra District Historical Association to invite Gillian to join in 1981. By 1983 she had become the secretary, a position she held until 1992, whereupon she took on the role of President until 2010.

Over the years, Gillian has been involved in every aspect of the Museum, from manning the front desk to fundraising, community support initiatives and everything in between. However her greatest achievement is arguably the Central Stories complex; her passion and leadership through the 1990’s saw the dream of a new museum realised. In recognition of Gillian’s contribution to the development of the Museum she was awarded the Central Otago Council Community Service Award in 2007.

Gillian remained involved with the Central Stories board until 2013 and she continues to assist with projects and support the museum’s programs when possible. Her passion, dedication and support of Central Stories is acknowledged in the Gillian Grant Room - a new exhibition space that was a result of the ODT Theatre addition – the planning and implementation of which Gillian was a significant part of.